Princeton’s annual financial aid budget grows 7.4 percent to $140 million

pricom_HomepagePrinceton University trustees Jan. 31 approved the University’s operating budget for 2015-16, which includes a 7.4 percent increase to $140.2 million in the undergraduate financial aid budget for next year. The University’s pioneering financial aid program provides the assistance necessary to make sure that any student who is admitted and needs financial aid can attend. The aid comes in the form of grants, which do not need to be repaid.

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Creating multi-skilled performers

multiskilledperformer_HomepageIn the class “Development of the Multi-Skilled Performer,” taught by John Doyle, a renowned theater director and a visiting lecturer with the rank of professor in theater at Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts, 13 Princeton undergraduates are learning about actor-musicianship, a genre of theater in which there is no orchestra: actors play their own instruments, sing or use their voice as a musical instrument and use “found sound” with common objects.

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Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing

Liu_Science_device_squarePrinceton University researchers have built a rice grain-sized microwave laser, or “maser,” powered by single electrons that demonstrates the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons. It is a major step toward building quantum-computing systems out of semiconductor materials.

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King Day event features celebration and calls for action

Trenton Children's Chorus at Princeton MLK DayAt Princeton University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration Jan. 19, Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, looked back at King’s call for economic justice for all and assessed the nation’s uneven progress toward that goal. The program included several other speakers, music and presentation of the Journey Award. A few days earlier, Princeton volunteers participated in the second annual Day of Service.

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Princeton satellite launched in Antarctica

zk-spider-pad-pano_575SPIDER, a stratospheric spacecraft constructed primarily in Princeton’s Jadwin Hall, was successfully launched Jan. 1 from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf. Borne by a helium-filled balloon, SPIDER will orbit Earth at roughly 120,000 feet for 20 days looking for the pattern of gravitational waves produced by the fluctuation of energy and density that resulted from the Big Bang.

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Face time: Students learn about art of caricature in freshman seminar

Students view art at the museum

In their first semester on the Princeton University campus, seven freshmen are exploring the fine art of caricatures and comic illustrated books from Hogarth to Picasso in the freshman seminar “Funny Pictures: Caricature and Modernity,” taught by Anne McCauley, the David Hunter McAlpin Professor of the History of Photography and Modern Art in the Department of Art and Archaeology.

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President Eisgruber issues statement on racial injustice and campus diversity

President Christopher L. Eisgruber issued a statement Monday, Dec. 8, during a meeting of the Council of the Princeton University Community on racial injustice and campus diversity. “Recent events provide yet another painful reminder that, despite America’s foundational commitment to human equality and unalienable rights, racial injustice has stained our republic from the moment of its inception,” he said.

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