Special Activities and Resources Group Update

The Princeton University Special Activities and Resources Group (SARG) continues to receive proposals from Princeton Faculty & Staff to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Special projects led by Princeton faculty members and staff are actively engaged in the production of needed supplies by safely using on-campus materials. These projects are driven by the rapidly changing needs of the State of New Jersey’s Office of Emergency Management, local health care and emergency services providers, and neighboring municipal institutions in central New Jersey. Our approach to responding to emergency requests is based on both the safety of our campus community and the efficient coordination of available resources. In this vein, all faculty and staff members currently employing on-campus University resources for voluntary production of materials are asked to contact SARG@princeton.edu as soon as possible to register your project. To learn more about current volunteer opportunities—including sewing cloth face coverings for donation or participating in upcoming blood drives—please visit SARG’s webpage.  Please contact Erin Metro with any questions about serving as a volunteer at emetro@princeton.edu. https://ehs.princeton.edu/covid19-response-activities