Reimagining teaching for a virtual fall

With this virtual fall semester now well underway, Princeton undergraduates are benefitting from months of work by their professors to adjust to fully remote instruction.

Many faculty members collaborated with the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning to take existing courses from the classroom to the computer, or to design new classes for virtual instruction. More than 300 professors and instructors participated in 32 virtual academic strategies workshops this summer, and McGraw’s educational technologies staff had nearly 200 consultations with faculty to prepare for fall classes.

Princeton faculty and staff also have been working together on innovative solutions to keep students engaged in classroom activities — like shipping laboratory kits to students around the world so they can conduct at-home experiments as part of science and engineering courses.

Keep reading below for a behind-the-scenes look at how several courses have been reimagined for this new virtual world.

Stay safe and healthy.

Office of Communications