How one Princetonian joins his fellow Tigers in a spirit of service

As Princeton continues to meet the challenge of COVID-19 while pursuing its academic mission, senior research specialist Eric Mills’ own lab training at the University gave him a special sort of insight as he confronts the coronavirus pandemic as an EMT volunteer. Among the many Princetonians around the world responding in a spirit of service, Mills is serving the local area with the Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad. He said his work in the nanofabrication lab of the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials taught him the value of personal protection. Mills is one of numerous members of the Princeton community — mainly staff and students — who are volunteering for local rescue squads during these dangerous days of COVID-19. Keep reading below for more on Mills’ story.

Stay safe and healthy.
Michael Hotchkiss, Ayana Gibbs, Jess Fasano, and Ben Chang