‘We Roar’: Cecilia Rouse considers pandemic policy amid an economic pause

In this episode of the University’s new “We Roar” podcast, Cecilia Rouse dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, examines the economic and societal vulnerabilities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights areas demanding assertive government steps to protect us from the next one, particularly in the area of public health. “Typically, with an economic recession, we only have to fix the economics, and then we can get going,” said Rouse, who is also the Lawrence and Shirley Katzman and Lewis and Anna Ernst Professor in the Economics of Education and a professor of economics and public affairs. “In this case, we actually first have to deal with the public health part.”https://www.princeton.edu/news/2020/04/24/we-roar-cecilia-rouse-considers-pandemic-policy-amid-economic-pause

Rouse was also a recent guest on the Politics & Polls WooCast Series. In the episode “Economic Turmoil During Covid-19 Featuring Cecilia Rouse,” shejoins hosts Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang to discuss what lies ahead for the global and U.S. economy.http://wws.princeton.edu/news-and-events/news/item/politics-polls-182-economic-turmoil-during-covid-19-featuring-cecilia