Reunions 2017 information

Photo of alumni at a Reunions eventReunions weekend attracts nearly 25,000 alumni, family and friends for walks, talks, community service projects, Alumni-Faculty Forums, picnics, parties, concerts, dancing, meeting old friends, making new ones, and, of course, marching in the One and Only P-rade!

Beauty in science: The art and elegance of a great experiment

Photo of Tilghman teachingShirley M. Tilghman, president of the University, emeritus, and a professor of molecular biology and public affairs, has created a new freshman seminar, “What Makes a Great Experiment?” Each week, first-year students in this Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar examine studies Tilghman has selected for being thoughtfully and creatively designed and written for publication.

Synthetic gas would cut air pollution but worsen climate damage in China

China’s smog has created a public health crisis that has led the Chinese government to declare a war on air pollution. In addition, as part of the Paris climate agreements, China has committed to peaking its CO2 emissions by 2030 or sooner. A new study led by researchers at Princeton University analyzes a conflict between these goals in China’s plans to use synthetic natural gas.