Visions for change: Sharing experiences of first-gen, low-income students

“1vyG” is the largest conference for first-generation and low-income (FLI) students in the nation. Princeton students organized the fifth annual gathering with the theme “From Moment to Movement: Capitalizing on Our FLI Experiences to Become Agents of Change in Our Communities.” More than 300 students and 150 administrators traveled from across the country to build community, share experiences and create visions for change.

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Courtney Banghart, Princeton women’s basketball head coach, ‘talks the walk’ on ‘She Roars’ podcast

Courtney Banghart, the women’s basketball head coach at Princeton, has two Ivy League degrees and a spot on Fortune Magazine’s 2015 list of 50 greatest leaders in the world. Despite these credentials and many others, Banghart tells “She Roars” podcast that none of that matters at game time: “What you do in terms of execution is win the day. It sounds so coach, but it’s really all you can do: win the day.”

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Princeton’s Month of Service emphasizes ‘coming together’

Organized by the University’s Pace Center for Civic Engagement, Month of Service offers staff, students, faculty and alumni the opportunity to serve together on campus and in the community. From Jan. 4 through Feb. 1, more than 275 staff, students and family members will have taken part in preparatory workshops, direct service opportunities and reflection together about their experiences.

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Project to collect real portraits of American life

Today, only half of children grow up to earn more than their parents, as opportunities for upward mobility continue to decline. Meanwhile, more than 15 percent of children live in poverty. Through comprehensive interviews and rigorous field work, the American Voices Project will collect rich comprehensive portraits of American life, from finances to personal wellbeing to individual values and aspirations.

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‘Musical Instruments, Sound, Perception and Creativity’

In the Princeton course “Musical Instruments, Sound, Perception and Creativity,” cross-listed in the Council on Science and Technology and the Department of Music, students learned about sound by studying traditional instruments, learning about the history of tuning and temperament, and experimenting with electronic and virtual instruments.

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Griffiths receives Troland prize from the National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences announced today that Thomas Griffiths has received one of the two Troland Research Awards issued this year “for his research into how people and machines make decisions.” The Troland awards recognize unusual achievement by young investigators (defined as no older than 40) working within the broad spectrum of experimental psychology.

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Princeton delegation to spotlight diversity and inclusion, innovation, bioengineering at World Economic Forum in Davos

President Christopher L. Eisgruber and three Princeton faculty members are participating in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from Jan. 20-25. The delegation will be focused on diversity and inclusion across higher education as well as Princeton’s leading role in bioengineering, data science and artificial intelligence.

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